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Holiday Craft Project: Gift Boxes Made from Used Greeting Cards

Holiday Craft Project: Gift Boxes Made from Used Greeting Cards

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A great way of wrapping a gift is to make a special box for the item, and what better way than to make a gift using recycled materials? In this guide you’ll learn how to make fantastic gift boxes out of old greeting cards.

Holiday Craft Project: Gift Boxes Made from Used Greeting Cards

Gift box from recycled greeting cards. (© Robert Schroeder)

These decorative little boxes made from old greeting cards are perfect for little gifts like jewelry or rare coins or gems.

Level: Moderately easy

Time frame: Half hour

What you need:

  1. Cut the card in two along the folded edge.
  2. Cut the front of the card into a perfect square using a ruler.
  3. Cut the back of the card into the same shape but trim approximately ⅛ inch off two sides.
  4. Draw an “X” on the nonpicture side. Fold ends to the center.
  5. Gift Boxes Made from Used Greeting Cards

    How to fold greeting cards into a gift box. (© Melissa LeBon)

  6. After all ends are folded to center, fold each side horizontal to the center line and then unfold to crease top of box.
  7. Cut along the vertical creases on two opposing sides to the point until it would start to cut another side.
  8. Unfold except for two corners. Unfold long arms and fold up to meet and form the box shape.
  9. Fold the uncut portion to cover and then meet the tips in the middle.
  10. Repeat steps 4 through 8 for the back of the card. You should now have a colorful top and plain bottom to make a small gift box.

Another great idea to reuse gift cards is to decoupage them onto wood or cardboard you find at a craft store. A little paint with stencils or stamps will give them a finished touch. Have fun, and happy crafting!

From The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Making Great Gifts by Marilee LeBon