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Bono saved the life of a fan during U2’s performance at Live Aid.

Bono saved the life of a fan during U2’s performance at Live Aid.

On July 13, 1985, the most ambitious global music project was launched. Live Aid, a dual-venue concert organized to raise money for relief of the Ethiopian famine, was held at London’s Wembly Stadium and Philadelphia’s JFK Stadium and televised on BBC in England and on MTV and ABC in the United States (although ABC only aired the last three hours of the concert). Nearly every major rock and roll group in the world participated—from Queen, Eurythmics, and The Who, to Hall and Oates, The Pretenders, and Paul McCartney.

One of the most memorable performances was by U2 at Wembly. The highlight of their set was a 14-minut rendition of “Bad” which included snippets of the Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil” and “Ruby Tuesday”, and Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side.” During the song, lead singer Bono jumped into the audience and danced with a young girl.

It was later found out that Bono actually jumped into the crowd to save her. He saw from the stage that the girl (Kal Khalique, who was 15 at the time) was being crushed by the fans pushing forward, and frantically tried to get the attention of the ushers to help her. When it was obvious the ushers couldn’t understand what he was saying, Bono leapt off the stage and, with the help of security, pulled Kal free. Bono tenderly danced with her to calm her down, then gave her a kiss before going back on stage and finishing the song. Kal later credited him with saving her life.

Bono’s act, televised to more than 1 billion people worldwide, has become one of the most memorable and iconic moments of the entire 16-hour concert.