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Today’s Obsession: LEGO!

A few months ago I visited the Bronx Zoo with my niece. While wandering around checking out the lemurs and penguins, she spotted a gigantic giraffe—made out of LEGO. Turns out, the zoo had planted LEGO animals all through the park and made it a game for kids to find them (you got a stamp for each one you found). My niece became obsessed with finding every single LEGO animal and, I have to say, so did I. Each one was more impressive than the last (you can see them all here). My favorite was the set of flamingoes standing in a pond; hers was the gorilla.

I have since become fascinated by what people make with LEGO. My brother and I played with LEGO as kids, but our creativity went as far as making big Jenga-like towers that we’d smash with his G.I. Joe Mobile Support Vehicle. The pieces people are building now are just mind boggling; it really has become an art form. Here are some of my favorites from the past few months.

Tableaux LEGO

These aren’t so much about construction as reconstruction—as in, reconstructing famous photographs, artworks, and scenes from movies and books in LEGO. The art of customizing LEGO figures has really gone into high gear with some of these pieces!

LEGO Architecture

As much as I love the LEGO tableaus and the customization of those little characters, for me the real jaw-dropping “wow!” pieces are buildings rendered in LEGO. How these artists figure out how to put these things together is far beyond me.


I could spend a month of Sundays going through all of the fantastic artists I’ve found on my LEGO journey. Of course, every person I’ve mentioned here is a LEGO artist, but here are a few people who have taken LEGO to an entirely new level.

Last but not least is by far my favorite use of LEGO: The Brick Testament. Yes, it is the entire Bible illustrated with LEGO. Thousands of LEGO illustrate 400 stories, and it’s all done with a massive amount of whimsy and more than a touch of irreverence. The Story of Job kills me every time.

With my and my niece’s newfound obsession with LEGO, can a trip to LEGOland be far behind?

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